August 2010

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Ada county real estate sales slowed in July as the majority of tax credit spurred sales ended the previous month.  Overall home sales dropped from 630 in June to 392 in July.  It's normal for sales to slow in July, but compared to the same time last year they were still down about 25%.

New home sales in Ada County had a much larger decline than existing homes.  From June to July, sales dropped from 146 to just 55. The neighborhoods that had the most activity were Bown Crossing in SE Boise, Harris Ranch in NE Boise, Bridgetower & Paramount in NW Meridian, Tuscany Messina Hills in SE Meridian, Rivendell Estates in West Boise, and Saguaro Canyon in NE Meridian.

If you'd like to find homes for sale in specific neighborhoods, you can search by

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As would be expected, Boise real estate sales cooled considerably in July as the surge of tax credit inspired purchases ceased.  Boise real estate sales in July fell by 34% to 231 closings from June's peak of 349.

Compared to the same time last year, Boise sales were 24% lower.  This broke 12 consecutive months of sales surpassing the same month the previous year.  For comparison, June sales were up 16% and in May were up 28%.

Meridian Idaho also had a 34% reduction in closings from June to July.  Eagle Idaho however, only fell 3% and was still up 15% over last year.

For the Boise real estate market, 44.6% of the sales in July were made up of Boise foreclosures.  This is slightly higher than the previous two months but in line for

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Many people are surprised to learn that "psychological impacts" are not required disclosures in Idaho real estate transactions.  For example, if there was a suicide or homicide on the property the seller is not required to disclose this.

Idaho Code Title 55 Chapter 28 governs psychological impacts on Idaho real estatetransactions.

Idaho Code 55-2801. Psychologically impacted defined. As used in this chapter, "psychologically impacted" means the effect of certain circumstances surrounding real property which include, but are not limited to, the fact or suspicion that real property might be or is impacted as a result of facts or suspicions including, but not limited to the following:

(1)  That an occupant or prior occupant of the real property is

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