September 2010

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The Eagle Idaho real estate market had 26 homes sales in August.  This is down from August of '09 (33 sales) but up from '08 (18 sales).  Below you can see the monthly sales in Eagle Idaho for 2010.

Eagle Real Estate Sales

Forty six percent of the Eagle Idaho real estate sales were foreclosure properties. This is a larger market share than last month but lower than the rest of the year.  Eleven of the foreclosure sales were Eagle bank-owned homes & 1 was an Eagle ID short sale.

Here's the basis specs on those Eagle real estate sales*.  Among other things, you can see what they were asking, the sold price, and the percentage of list it sold for.  You'll notice that the homes with a larger discount were the non-foreclosure sales (not short sales "SS" or "REO").

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The Boise Idaho real estate market in August remained about level with July with 232 sales.  The majority of the sales were existing homes with 214 closings verses just 18 for new construction.  Harris Ranch, Hidden Springs, Rivendell Estates, and Sonta Hills had the most new home activity. Boise Idaho Real Estate Monthly Sales The median home price in the Boise Idaho Real Estate market rose for the 5th consecutive month to $158,950.  Please note that media uses this metric when it goes down to say that market depreciated "x" percentage but rarely mentions it when it goes up.  As I've mentioned, the median home price is most often a reflection of the pressure on values but does not equal depreciation or appreciation. Boise Median Home Price Aug '10 Overall, 49.6% of the Boise Idaho real estate sales were either Boise short
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Currently, there's 3682 homes for sale in Ada County.  1016 are listed as possible short sales (28%) and 366 are listed as bank-owned (10%). The vast majority of the foreclosures are in the entry level market (under $150,000+/-) while the luxury home market has the lowest number of foreclosures. For homes under $100,000, 82% are either short sale or bank-owned homes.  To some degree this would be expected, that the cheapest homes on the market are also the foreclosures, but you'll see examining the graph below there's a direct correlation with the price range and number of foreclosures. And as you get into the most expensive category of the market there's the smallest number of foreclosures.  For homes over $400,000, only 11% of the listings are…
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