November 2010

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The Boise real estate market had 266 home sales last month.  248 were existing homes and 18 were new construction.  The majority of the sales were occurring in N Boise (31), SE Boise (40), the Bench (32), far W. Boise (50), and SW Boise (41).

The graph below shows the Boise real estate sales in 2010 vs 2009.   As you can see, the first part of '10 surpassed '09 but this fall that has shifted.  The swing can be attributed the tax credit deadlines & extensions.  Originally in 2009, the tax credit was set to expire 11/30 so sales were surging last fall.  Congress then extended the tax credit deadline to 6/30/10 which accounted for the surge in the spring of '10.  Aside from last year, the 266 home sales was the most recorded in the month of October since

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