March 2012

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There were 3,579 home sales in Boise during 2011.  Of these, 1,713 were Boise Idaho foreclosures consisting of 605 short sales, 1003 bank-owned (REO) properties and 105 HUD properties. The largest majority of homes sold in Boise, 2,702 or 75% of all home sales for 2011, sold for less than $250,000. Boise Homes by Sold Price | 2011 Of the 875 homes under $100,000 that were sold, 83% were foreclosures (short sales, bank owned and HUD properties); whereas only 53% of the homes between $100,000 and $150,000 were foreclosures.  As you can see from the graph, the higher the price the lower the percentage of foreclosures in Boise Idaho.  In fact, for properties over $300,000, only 9% were foreclosures. Percentage of Boise Foreclosures by Sold Price  |  2011 Many people find it surprising that the vast majority of Boise Idaho
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