April 2012

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Boise Idaho is a great place in which to raise a family.  In an article published on April 4, 2012, Forbes Magazine named Boise Idaho as the 2nd Best City in which to raise a family.  In making this determination, Forbes looked at the top 100 metropolitan cities in America and ranked them in each of the following seven categories.
  • Median income
  • Overall cost of living
  • Housing affordability (i.e., what percentage of the market is affordable to a family making the median income)
  • Commuting delays
  • Percentage of families owing homes
  • Crime rate
  • Quality of Education (based mainly on test scores)
After comparing the scores for these 100 cities, Boise Idaho ranked 2nd overall, surpassed only by Grand Rapids Michigan.  Of special…
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The Boise real estate market in February 2012 was much stronger when compared to 2011 and 2010.  North Boise home sales showed one of the most significant increases with an increase in sales of 58%.  Below is the graph for real estate sales in Boise, month-over-month, for the last 3 years. Home Sales in Boise by Area | February Comparisons for 2010, 2011 and 2012 As seen below, Ada County home sales for February have increased slightly since 2010.  Sales for February 2010 totaled 296; there were 344 sales in February 2011 and 357 sales in February 2012.  These increases may not be significant on their own; however, it must be noted that these increases occurred during a time of declining inventory.  For example, in February 2012 there were 1,365 homes on the market in all of Ada County, the second lowest number recorded in…
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