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In Ada County, 2014 has marked the lowest foreclosure rate in the market share seen in several years (compared to the beginning of previous years). As you can see in the graph above, February's foreclosure rate dropped 10% from the year prior. The highest foreclosure rate in the last couple of years (shown in the graph above) was in 2011 at 59.8% and has since then dropped dramatically and stayed between 10 and 14% in the last several months.   As you can see in the graph below, the absorption rate also has been the lowest this year compared to many years prior. Both January and February had the same absorption rate of 5.0 reflecting the stability of the market. In January 2012 the absorption rate was 8.8 and has since dropped down to 5.0. This…
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Boise real estate home sales increased by 48% in March from February with 329 homes were sold. Compared to March '13, real estate sales in Boise increased by 5% and 16% from 2012. 

As you can see in the graph below, real estate sales usually increase in the Spring and Summer months, however the 48% increase Boise experienced in March is significantly higher than a typical monthly increase. Last year there was a 25% increase between these two months; the increase was 23% higher this year.

Boise real estate sales March of 2014 consisted of 288 traditional home sales, 27 bank-owned/HUD homes, and 14 short sales. Compared to previous months you can see that bank-owned/HUD home sales stayed in the same general range while traditional home sales shot

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Boise has made another important list. In recent months, we've seen the City of Trees being named one of the best places to retire and one of the best places in America to move to. The real estate site, Movoto, has named Boise one of the top 10 safest places to live in America.

How Movoto Got Its Numbers

Movoto didn't just come up with this information about Boise. It compared Boise's crime stats with other highly populated cities in the US. (Movoto took the stats about the cities from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report.)

The types of crime that the FBI report measures are the number of incidences for crimes like murder, rape, theft and assault. From that list, Movoto went on to make divisions between these four categories of crime:

  • Total number of
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Simple Moving Labor (SML) has named Boise, Idaho its top choice in the best cities in America to move to in 2014. The City of Trees beat out cities like Seattle, Phoenix and Salt Lake for the top spot. This is useful information for people who are interested in buying one of the homes for sale in Boise, Idaho.

Why You Should Consider Buying Boise, Idaho Real Estate

SML has used the following criteria to determine its list of the best cities in the USA:

  • Unemployment
  • Median income
  • Projected Home Value Growth (3-Year time frame)
  • Home affordability
Why The City of Trees Made the Top of the List as the Best Place to Live

To make the list, Boise had to have an unemployment rate of less than 6.5%, which is the current national average. The…
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The Boise Farmers' Market is a gathering place on Saturdays during the spring, summer and early fall months in the City of Trees. This span of Boise, Idaho real estate -- also known as the Capital City Marketplace -- reaches from one end of 8th Street to the other, and as a recent article in the online academic journal The Blue Review has pointed out, it has become a place where immigrant entrepreneurs are making their mark.

Boise Farmers' Market Encourages Local Entrepreneurship

According to the article (published by Boise State University), urban markets provide quite a source of income for cities around the world. At the moment, many of the refugee entrepreneurs cannot make a living year-round from their wares at the Boise Saturday Market, but a new

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No doubt, if you own Boise, Idaho real estate, one of your favorite things to do in Boise is hiking and biking the trails of the Ridge to Rivers system throughout the city.

No doubt as well, many of your neighbors will be out enjoying the trails, and who can blame you? Really, there's nothing like grabbing a cup of coffee at Java in Hyde Park before you head to Camel's back or stopping by the Boise Co-Op for some lunch after a morning hike.

Things to do in Boise: Hiking, Biking and Mud Walking?

However, the enthusiasm that Boiseans have for the Ridge to Rivers Trails can take its toll, according to the Fresno Bee  -- especially now that Daylight Savings time 2014 has come and gone. The trails of the Ridge to Rivers system in the City of Trees

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It's a piece of Boise, Idaho real estate that has been in the North End since 1995, and it's synonymous for fresh food and healthy living. It's a true cornerstone resource for those of us who love living in one of America's fittest cities and shopping in places that promote that lifestyle. I'm talking, of course, about the Boise Co-op, and pretty soon, there's going to be a second one, according to

More About the Boise Co-Op

Many people have a soft spot for this unassuming piece of Boise real estate. It's a great place to buy vitamins, shop for organic produce and many who've tried its buffet will swear it's one of the best places to eat in Boise.

The Boise Co-Op Wine Shop is also a popular destination for people who want to enjoy a

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It'll be unlike any other piece of Boise, Idaho real estate that we've seen so far. I'm talking about the Boise Whitewater Park, that's slated to be fully open and operational by 2017. Why write about it now, you ask? Because discussions of phase 2 have been brought forth in city meetings and because it's a good opportunity for Boiseans to be a part of the building of this city gem, according to the Boise Weekly.

What is the Boise Water Park?

The price of building the park will run almost $4.5 million total, with the city having already kicked in $1.5 million of that. Further donations have garnered this piece of Boise real estate an additional quarter of million dollars. To see the Boise Whitewater Park open (possibly by 2017), there will need to be

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Recently, I had occasion to think about the characteristics of Generation X when I was reading an article in Investment News about how this generation deals with its money.

Here in the City of Trees, Gen X felt the effects of the devastation of the 2008 housing market. After all, the Boise, Idaho real estate market was hit like everywhere else.

Turns out that the characteristics of Generation X that determine their investment styles also affect the kind of home they buy and what they do in terms of home repairs because of these personality traits.

Sometimes this is a good thing. Sometimes not so much, especially when it comes to investing, but Generation X came by these characteristics honestly.

Generally, speaking, Generation Xers:

  • Are independent
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Real estate sales started off on a strong note in Ada County this year. As you can see in the graph above 406 homes sold in January 2014, a 12% increase from January of last year.   Historically, January is noted for one of the lowest sales of the year; usually rising until it peaks through the summer months. Last year, July had the highest sales; right at the peak of the heat summer of '13. It will be exciting to see how 2014 reflects new increases in real estate sales as the season transitions through spring and summer.
The Ada County foreclosure rate is also continually dropping. As you can see in the graph below foreclosures dropped 14% from last year; foreclosures only accounted for 11.6% of total real estate sales. The…
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