Boise Farmers' Market Highlighted in Academic Journal as Biz Opportunity for Immigrants

Posted by Jace Stolfo on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 at 11:53am.

The Boise Farmers' Market is a gathering place on Saturdays during the spring, summer and early fall months in the City of Trees. This span of Boise, Idaho real estate -- also known as the Capital City Marketplace -- reaches from one end of 8th Street to the other, and as a recent article in the online academic journal The Blue Review has pointed out, it has become a place where immigrant entrepreneurs are making their mark.

Boise Farmers' Market Encourages Local Entrepreneurship

According to the article (published by Boise State University), urban markets provide quite a source of income for cities around the world. At the moment, many of the refugee entrepreneurs cannot make a living year-round from their wares at the Boise Saturday Market, but a new opportunity --the Boise International Market -- will open up a year-round space at Franklin and Curtis.

This piece of Boise, Idaho real estate is an abandoned restaurant. Once a thriving Vietnamese restaurant, a fire closed its doors. However, this place is an easy bike ride or drive for many folks in the area and can be open throughout the year, allowing the entrepreneurs of this new Boise Farmers' Market to keep their doors open even when the snows come.

More Than Just an Empty Piece of Boise Real Estate

This Boise real estate should be thriving in no time. The space will house not only food vendors, but be a place where locals can catch up with artists and craftsmen working in town, shop in boutiques, see art competitions and listen to music in a lounge setting.

Local farmers' markets are common in Europe. People go to the local market to get prime cuts of meats, tasty cheeses and freshly baked breads. They also draw crowds for music and art festivals and serve to bind the citizens of the community together.

Additionally, the article points out that local farmers markets like the Boise Farmers' Market have the following advantages:

  1. They create local employment opportunities
  2. Help develop entrepreneurs
  3. Encourage town center regeneration
  4. Promote sustainability by encouraging people to buy local products
  5. And in the case of the immigrants who work the Boise Farmers' Market, it encourages them to develop economic self-sufficiency and social engagement
It's likely that this will be a popular spot in the Treasure Valley. Boise seems ripe with opportunities for expansion. This market along with the addition of the Boise Whole Foods and a second location for the Co-Op points to a Boise that's embracing fresh and international foods and entrepreneurship.

If you're interested in learning more about all the international markets in Boise, Idaho, check out this link from Boise State University.

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