Boise Real Estate News: Boise, Idaho lands on Wallet Hub's "Best Places to Staycation" 2014 List

Posted by Jace Stolfo on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 at 7:11am.

Those of us who have bought Boise real estate know that it's a great place to buy a home. But even the most ardent Boise City fan among us may not automatically think of our home town as a good place for a vacation. It's not the the city isn't a nice place. It is. We just see it through different eyes than the tourist would. In light of that, would it surprise you then to learn that our fair city has made Wallet Hub's "2014′s Best & Worst Cities for Staycations" list?

Why You Might Look at Your Boise Home in a Different Way

Boise, Idaho landed the number sixteen spot on this year's list. Buffalo, New York was number one, followed by Minneapolis, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Portland, Oregon respectively in the top five. The website had four categories of criteria for a city to make the list. Maybe not surprisingly, many of the reasons that make buying a home in Boise so attractive are the same reasons why the City of Trees makes such a great staycation destination.

Why Vacation in Boise, Idaho?

The four categories that determine the cities that made the list are the city's recreational activities, food and entertainment, rest and relaxation and the weather.

As I have often written for other blogs, Boise (and the surrounding area) has miles upon miles of greenbelt, abundant golf courses, and lots of parks. As it turns out, these are among the draws for the recreation category for all the cities that made the staycation list.

Wallet Hub's list makes a separation between recreation and R&R, although in our fair city, they kind of overlap -- at least in terms of the water offerings. Cities on the list have at least 1.0 pools per capita, and anyone who has enjoyed the Nat or the Borah pool knows that there's plenty of swimming in the area. That doesn't even include Roaring Springs, which is also in the area.

In the food and entertainment category, Boise, Idaho qualifies due to the city's zoo, cultural hot spots, nightlife offerings and the number of live performances, including a thriving Shakespeare festival and shows like "Mama Mia" and "Wicked: The Musical."

Finally, if it weren't for the city's awesome four seasons, it probably wouldn't have made the list. Really, if you're looking for things to do in Boise, Idaho for yourself or for you and your kids, the city's pretty perfect. The criteria for the list is that the average temp in the cities in question is around 75 degrees, while Boise usually comes in higher during that time of the year, it does rate pretty well in the other two categories under this heading, which is precipitation and humidity. Aside from this, we can ski at Bogus in the winter and float the Boise River in the summer (and ride the greenbelt).

How to Make Your Piece of Boise Real Estate a Vacation Hotspot

If staying home in own piece of Boise real estate doesn't appeal to you right away, here are some ways that you can make your vacation at home more fun.

1) Learn to see your city through a tourist's eyes. If you're not sure how to do that, buy some city guides. Someone writing about the city to make it sound attractive to visitors will give you a fresh new look at the city.

2) If you have the budget, consider splurging on a hotel for a couple of days. Since you're not spending money on items such as plane tickets, gas, food out and vacation extras, you might have a bit of cash for this kind of goody. Not only do you have the opportunity to stay in such Boise hotels as the Hotel 43, the Grove or the Modern, you may find vouchers or coupons for many Boise activities will come with your room.

3) Another cool thing you can do is to create your own backyard retreat and make special theme meals that pertain to your theme. Stores like Lowe's and Home Depot have backyard packages just like this, that will help you put together a backyard space for your staycation (and beyond). So if you decide to do a tropical theme like tiki torches, bamboo furniture and beach, these home improvement stores have stuff to set you up. In keeping with this theme, you could then buy food for meals like grilled pineapple chicken, shish kabobs or even a luau if you're so inclined.

Additionally, the home improvements that you make for your will have benefits beyond your Boise vacation. While you may not be thinking about it now, the fact is, making home improvements will only help you should your home become one of the Boise homes for sale some day. As I pointed out in a recent blog post, doing home improvements is the number one thing most people do when they're trying to sell their homes. As many homeowners who have had difficulty selling their homes have discovered, the difference between a sold home and an unsold home are the upgrades.

Just something to think about in case you are wondering if this final tip is the way you want to go.

See more about some of Boise's cool destinations for vacation in the video below:

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