Boise Real Estate Prices on the Rise | 6.2.12

Posted by Jace Stolfo on Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 at 9:06am.

Boise real estate prices are on the rise.  That's the finding of a study conducted by, an organization that tracks 146 metropolitan real estate markets across the country. studied the listing prices of homes across the country and in a REALTOR Magazine article published May 29, 2012, released the results of that study, naming the top 10 metropolitan markets where listing prices have increased the most from March to April. The Boise real estate market ranked #6 with a 4.4% increase.  Minneapolis-St. Paul, Santa Barbara, Detroit, San Francisco and Seattle came in as the top five, respectively. As can be seen on the graph below, median home sale prices in the Boise real estate market from January through March of this year, while performing better than 2011 median prices, are still well below 2010.  However, April 2012 shows slightly higher median home sale prices than April 2010 and significantly higher than 2011. Boise Real Estate Market | Median Sold Price Jan. - Apr. Boise real estate prices are not the only statistic on the rise since the beginning of the year.  Total home sales have risen steadily since January 1. In January there were 233 home sales.  In April, there were 347 home sales in the Boise a 49% increase in just 4 months. Boise Real Estate | Home Sales

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