Boise Real Estate Sales | April '14

Posted by Jace Stolfo on Monday, June 2nd, 2014 at 10:10am.

The number of Boise real estate sales so far this year closely resembled last year's sales.

There were 357 Boise homes sold in April this year, a 3% rise from 2012 and a 10% decrease from last year. In March, real estate sales rose 5% compared to 2013 and 16% compared to 2012. Overall, Boise real estate sale activity is down 5% compared to 2013. It should be noted, that while this is a slight decrease, sales are still considered very strong.

As real estate sales in Boise have risen in recent years, so have home prices. The median home sales price in Boise in April was up to $191,500. Since the begining of 2012, which is when home prices began to move upward, the median home price has increased by 47%. 

Of the 257 home sales April of 2014 (in Boise), 90% of them were non-foreclosures; 6%  HUD/Bank owned homes and 4% short sales. Non-foreclosure sales in April went up 12% from the previous month, while HUD/bank owned homes & shorts sales went down a couple of percentage points from the month prior.

As you can see below the foreclosure rate was lower in April '14 than it has been for several years, down to 9.8%. This shows a 10% drop from last year and a 26% drop from April of 2012. The foreclosure rate was a whopping 59.2% in January of 2012 and has dropped 49% all the way down to 9.8%. You can also see that the foreclosure rate has been dropping from the beginning of 2014.

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