Boise Water Park News: City Enters the Next Phase of Whitewater Park

Posted by Jace Stolfo on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 at 11:36am.

It'll be unlike any other piece of Boise, Idaho real estate that we've seen so far. I'm talking about the Boise Whitewater Park, that's slated to be fully open and operational by 2017. Why write about it now, you ask? Because discussions of phase 2 have been brought forth in city meetings and because it's a good opportunity for Boiseans to be a part of the building of this city gem, according to the Boise Weekly.

What is the Boise Water Park?

The price of building the park will run almost $4.5 million total, with the city having already kicked in $1.5 million of that. Further donations have garnered this piece of Boise real estate an additional quarter of million dollars. To see the Boise Whitewater Park open (possibly by 2017), there will need to be another $2.5 million or so raised through donations to bring the park to vision.

Haven't yet heard about this up-and-coming Boise attraction? Here's the scoop on the Boise water park, according to the Boise River Park website.

This chunk of Boise, Idaho real estate lies between the Veteran's Memorial Parkway bridge and the Fairview Avenue bridge. When it's finished, this is likely to be one of the hottest Boise attractions. The park essentially "ropes" off a loop in the Boise River, (although there is one canal in the loop). It starts and finishes at the 36th Street wave in the river.

What Advantages do Extreme Water Parks Bring to a City?

The finished park will include spots to play as well as a surf wave and a slalom course. Extreme water parks tend to bring in quite a bit of revenue for the cities, which have them. To accommodate this new bit of traffic, the Boise greenbelt will see some extensions added. Additional park benches will also find new homes along the route.

For example, the water park in Reno regularly hosts kayaking competitions in the city. Typically, cities that do build these kinds of attractions also see a spike in local businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry.

And not to leave the inner tubers out, the Boise Whitewater Park will provide a haven for these water enthusiasts as well. Naturally, people can fish along the route, too.

Other Issues With This Piece of Boise, Idaho Real Estate

Granted, potential problems exist with sectioning of this area. The Weekly cited instances of people speaking before the city, expressing concerns about parking near the site. At the moment, only 250 dedicated parkings spots exist, and some have argued that no one will want to take the shuttle to this piece of Boise real estate, no matter how attractive.

Some concern also exists for the natural habitat as well as a worry about actually having tubers leave their normal haunt in favor of the Boise White Water Park. And people have also expressed concern about the look of some of the banks along the way.

It may be that some of the issues that plagued the Boise River Festival's early years may come up. For example, will having this much traffic on the river tear up the banks of the Boise River like the Night Light Parade tore up the banks of the Boise River during the river festival? Will the water park spark the same debate? Time will tell. All of these issues need to be addressed before the city can add this to the list of "fun things to do in Boise.

That said, given Boise's reputation of being one of the fittest cities in the West, the Boise white water park would make a logical addition to our landscape.

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