Don't use Price Per Square Foot Alone to Determine Value

Posted by Jace Stolfo on Friday, January 30th, 2009 at 11:59am.

When you're hunting for Boise real estate deals, be sure to understand that price per square foot aloneis not a good estimator of value.  I find that many people too quickly jump to price per square foot without considering the factors that affect a homes value.  Price per square foot is only a reasonable measure to use when:

  • The total square footage is similar. All other things held equal, a 1500 square feet home is not a good comparison to 2500 square foot home.  Smaller homes have a higher price per square foot because the land value has more of an influence and larger homes have economies of scale.
  • Similar quality and finishes. A home with hardwood, granite, tile walk-in shower, etc. is going to have a higher price per square foot than a house with no upgrades.
  • Layout and design. You want to compare single levels with single levels, two stories with two stories, etc.  Single level homes have the highest price per square foot.
  • Lot size. A house that's on a large lot is going to have a higher price per square foot.
  • External influences. Does the house back to an interstate, is it in a bad neighborhood, next an airport, etc.?
  • Location. A home in North Boise is not a good comparison to a home in Meridian.
  • Physical deterioration. Is the house damaged, need a new roof, HVAC, etc?
  • Functional obsolesce. This is the appraisal term for a home that has a design that does not appeal to today's buyer.  For example, a 1 bathroom home where guests must go through the master bedroom to use the only bathroom.
  • Etc.

What we're really talking about is having good comparables.  There are many influences to a homes value and all these must be taken into consideration.  If the homes are truly comparable, then price per square foot is an excellent meaurement to use.

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