Forbes Best Places to Retire in 2014: Boise, Id Named One of Top 25

Posted by Jace Stolfo on Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 at 7:36pm.

The "Forbes Best Places to Retire" list is a must-read every year for those who are about to make the transition from full-time working life to retirement. And Boise, Idaho was named one of the 25 best places to retire on the 2014 list. In fact, Boise is in the top 8 of the list.

Why Boise's on the List of Best Places to Retire

The Forbes list cites several factors that put Boise, Idaho in the top 25 places to retire. The climate here is a dry and the cost of living is comparable to most places in the U.S. The City of Trees also rated high as a walking and biking city, thanks no doubt in large part to the 25 miles of bike path that dissect the city.

Boise also counts as a great place to volunteer. Organizations like the Boise Art Museum, Art Faire, the Humane Society and the Parks system make all this possible. This may also go hand-in-hand with one of the other reasons that Forbes stated as a bonus retiring in Boise -- low crime.

Other cities making "Forbes Best Places to Retire" list include Bellingham, Washington, Austin, Texas and Cape Coral, Florida.

Boise, Idaho Real Estate: What to Consider if You're Moving

So, you're nearing your own retirement and have decided to look at Boise as one of the cities on your own list of great places to retire. And it is. On any given day, you can find concerts in Boise, a great meal at a downtown restaurant, skiing nearby at Bogus Basin, fresh produce at the Farmer's Market and the latest movies.

On the website for the City of Boise, you'll find information about the environment, volunteer opportunities, community activities and recreation. Other information about Boise includes:

  • Updates from the mayor
  • Business in the City of Trees
  • Tips about visiting Idaho's capital city
  • City government 
The Boise Visitor's and Convention Center is also a good resource to look at when you're deciding on your list of the best places to retire.

You'll find information about:

  • The Boise Center on the Grove
  • Hotel advice
  • Meeting places should you do business in Boise
  • Links to FREE planner and visitor's guides
TripAdvisor has a list of the top things to do in Boise, Idaho. You'll find information about:

  • Restaurants in Boise
  • Tourist attractions
  • Flights and hotel information
Final Thoughts on Forbes' List of Best Places to Retire:

The only drawback that Forbes cited to living in Boise was that the cost of living is slightly higher here. However, there are still reasonably priced homes for sale in Boise, with the average being $168,000, according to Forbes. As well, some of the outlying areas in the Treasure Valley such as Meridian are less expensive, making Boise and the surrounding area a very reasonable place to live.

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