Have a Boise Home for Sale? You Might Want Revisit Some Home Improvement Ideas You've Had in the Past

Posted by Jace Stolfo on Friday, May 23rd, 2014 at 6:15am.

The Wall Street Journal recently brought up an issue that's likely to be near and dear to many people who want to sell their Boise, Idaho real estate. Do you need to undertake some home improvement projects before you try to sell your home? That was the question posed, and in short, the answer seems to be 'yes,' although home owners in different parts of the country concentrate on different things for these types of home improvement projects.

How to Sell Your Home in Five Easy Steps

The truth of the matter is, there aren't five easy steps to selling your Boise home for sale. There are a lot of them, but making quality home improvements can help (as can doing some home staging). For example, if the WSJ article, one home on the market sat for two months with no offers. The problem? The homeowner had some old brass fixtures throughout his three-bedroom home that cried out to be updated.

The cost on the new fixtures was 800 bucks. Ouch, right? It turns out that this expense was the key to everything. The home sold in two days for nearly $215K, which was almost the home's listing price.

What Can You do to Sell Your Home?

The types of home improvements that the article highlighted fell into a couple of categories. In the Northest and Midwest, homeowners trying to sell their homes opted for handyman services. Those in the South had electrical work done on their homes. The home owners in the West -- that's us -- hired general contracting work.

For those in the West who did hire a general contractor, they wound up getting a 75% return on their investments on average.

Lest you be scared that you'll have to completely remodel your piece of Boise, Idaho real estate before you sell it, that isn't necessarily so, according to the WSJ article. If you can "Brighten, update and repair" your home a bit, that will go a long way.

Some Home Improvement Tips and Ideas to Get You Started

To get some general tips about the types of home improvements that you can make, watch the video below.

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