"I have worked with Realtors to purchase several homes, vacation homes, investment properties and businesses. I would place Jace at the top of the list in terms of his competence and professionalism. I only wish I could have worked with him on all the transactions. He made it as easy as it can be for those major life decisions. His integrity and character are without question. I hope you have the privilege to have Jace work for you."
Scott T. Boise, ID

After two very successful purchases over a one-year period, Jace will continue to be our only Boise-area Realtor … he is highly competent about the local market, he is very articulate and easily explains technical issues... Jace is very passionate about his work and we have benefited greatly from it!”
Frans P. and Marcia C. Boise, ID

"Jace was awesome to work with. I felt like he really listened to our interests and opinions when it came to searching for the style and location we were looking for. He was always willing to go the extra mile, literally. I look forward to working with Jace again in the future."
Jason C. Boise, ID

"I've been around real estate and real estate agents most of my life. After hiring Jace to sell my property, I can say he is the BEST Realtor I've ever worked with. In my experience, too many Realtors want to just list properties and wait for someone else to find the buyer. Jace on the other hand, marketed my property and was out there himself generating leads. I really appreciated the way he followed up with me on who was looking at the property, how he was advertising, and what was going on in the market. I would, and already have, highly recommend working with Jace."
Jack S. Meridian, ID

"Where do we start? Although we have never bought a house before, we had seen our friends and families work with realtors who were less than amazing. Jace on the other hand is the real deal. He picked us up, drove us around Boise, Meridian, Eagle and Star and then when we couldn't make up our minds, drove us back to Boise, Meridian, Eagle and Star. As a realtor Jace was 100% reliable, extremely efficient when making offers, and just a great guy! If you don't call up Jace, you are missing out on the best realtor in Idaho."
Tyler L. and Whitney C. Eagle, ID

"Despite the market's downturn, I had a wonderful experience in the selling of my home with Jace. His guidance, service, and expertise made the process easy and it was wonderful to get to experience first hand what so many other people had told me about him...that he is not only an exceptional person, but also an exceptional realtor. He went above and beyond in countless ways, which ultimately led to a sale at a good price in a poor market. He is completely honest and hardworking and I highly recommend you consider using him as your realtor."
Cristin S. Meridian, ID

"...We were just talking the other day about how much we love our house, and so I figured I would just email you to thank you again. Not only did you really do an awesome job helping us find the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, but you helped make it such a fun experience. We really appreciate all your dedication and hard work. If any of your prospective clients ever ask to talk to someone that has worked with you before, you are free to give them our information.
Jason & Sadie T. Boise, ID

“At age 72 trying to buy a house in the Treasure Valley area, long distance from Montana, I was super impressed that a young man such as Jace Stolfo has been so much on the ball as to stay in constant contact with me, letting me know when anything changed or became available that might interest me. I was also very impressed with the fact that Jace has managed to obtain his brokers license so early in his career. If you are reading this and even thinking about buying or selling a home in the Treasure Valley, I strongly urge you to contact Jace, first.”
Dave P. Boise, ID

"...Jace, I wanted to let you know again how much I appreciate you as an outstanding Real Estate Agent. You kept us on course and got us an outstanding deal. The house has exceeded our expectations... I want you to know that I believe you are one of the last remaining sales persons out there that are not just in it for the quick commission and you proved it many times by steering me away from high risk investments. If I can ever be of assistance to you please let me know. Furthermore, if you ever need a recommendation for a client put me at the top of your list."
Lance K. Meridian, ID

"My wife and I were first time homebuyers. I contacted Jace because his website was, and still is, awesome! I explained to Jace how picky and time consuming we may be as possible clients. That did not dissuade him. He took his time explaining the best options for our particular situation, researched the best possible prices for given areas, and provided invaluable input when he believed it would benefit us. A description in words of the absolutely magnificent service Jace provided us would not do him justice. He was a very personable, knowledgeable, honest, hard-working and energetic Realtor. My family and I don’t only know Jace as a great Realtor, we now know him as a great friend. Jace is an absolute professional; he is a tremendous credit to his profession!"
T.J. and Taryn M. Boise, ID

"I have bought and sold homes in five states in my 41 year career. This young man is the finest, most professional agent I have ever worked with. Jace gave great advice and kept me apprised of market conditions weekly. He help us purchase and sell in a very difficult market. I would highly recommend Jace for anyone looking for a trustworthy, honest real estate agent that will look out for your interests. It was a pleasure doing business with him."
Terry & Judy R. Meridian, ID

"Jace is one of the most professional and delightful people I have ever come across. His enthusiasm, honesty, knowledge of the Boise area real estate, work ethic, punctuality and attention to detail are impeccable. Over the course of our interaction, which lasted a few months because of our unique requirements, Jace showed patience and worked through several tricky and unexpected situations to find us the house we were looking for. Even though we ended up not buying the house, due to an unforeseen move to another state, Jace was very understanding of our situation and got us back our full deposit money, even though the contract only called for 50 percent refund. He also helped us find a good real estate agent in the new location. I would highly recommend Jace to anybody who is looking for a home in Boise area and we will definitely be using his services, if we move back in to the Boise area"
Rama A. Boise, ID

“Jace is an exceptional Realtor. Having conducted more than a half dozen property transactions with him including both purchases and sales, I can attest that he is bright, honest, fair and knowledgeable. Jace works hard to make all transactions, both large and small, complete, smooth and efficient. I endorse Jace with my unqualified recommendation to be a first-rate person and Realtor.”
Dave T. Boise, ID

"My husband and I recently relocated from SC to the Boise area and were fortunate enough to work with Jace Stolfo. My husband and I have worked with many, many realtors over the years and Jace is definitely the top of the pack. It was apparent from the beginning that his focus was on making sure that we were happy as opposed to just getting us into a house. He kept us on track with respect to our priorities and worked for us as though we were the only clients he had, which I know was not the case. When we had decided on a house, Jace came prepared with all the recently sold properties. This enabled us to write an offer that was appropriately priced for today's market. He didn't try to up the price so that he could make more money...again he did what was best for us. He has developed great relationships within the community that enabled us to close quickly on our chosen house. Jace is a professional who knows his business. We highly recommend working with Jace."
Gary and Vickie M. Meridian, ID

"Jace Stolfo is a rare find in the real estate industry. For almost a year Jace was relentless in showing us houses that fit our criteria and was the first to call when something came up on MLS (or even before) that made sense for our family. He never gave up on us and eventually we found the lifetime house for my family. But here is the true value on using Jace as our realtor. This man know the real estate game like no other. He is not just the face that shows the house. Jace studies this business, the markets he works in, and how to create win-win deals across the board. He sees the trends before they come and adjusts his clients buying and selling strategy around it. I believe this man loves his work, his business and his clients. We all know what it's like working with someone who is passionate and loves what they do. A note about his ethics...Jace has a moral compass that is hard to find in this world let alone the real estate business. You can trust Jace to have your back at every corner. You can trust him to speak his mind and share the truth of what he knows about the market or potential property. Jace won't do wrong by himself and subsequently his clients. It's winning deal for his clients or he just won't go there."
Jason R. Boise, ID