Meridian New Construction Sales up 11% in 2013

Posted by Jace Stolfo on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 at 12:16pm.

In December of 2013, the top selling new construction neighborhoods in Meridian included Paramount, Tuscany Messina Meadows, Alpine Pointe, Bridgetower, and La Mirada. The Paramount subdivision led with 15 of the 51 new construction homes that were sold, and right behind, Tuscany Messina Meadows included 7; Alpine Pointe, Bridgetower and La Mirada each included 3.

Within all of the new construction neighborhoods in Meridian, the highest selling home price was $449,147, selling in the Alpine subdivision and the lowest selling home price was $139,990 in Ambercreek. 

New home sales in December of '13 increased by 9% compared to December of the previous year. Also the median home sales price for newly constructed homes has risen by 13%. In December of 2012 there were 47 new home sales with a median sales price of $257,418 and in December of 2013 there were 51 homes sold with a median home price of $291,700.

As you can see in the graph below, there were 66 new construction homes sold in October of 2012 which was the peak for the entire year, and as you can see in 2013 it peaked in March, May and June. As a whole, 2013 new construction sale were up 11% from 2012.

Of the 51 new construction homes that were sold in December of '13, 20 of them closed in NE Meridian, 16 in NW Meridian, 13 in SE Meridian, and 1 closed in SW Meridian.

The median sale price in SW Meridian was $329,306, in SE Meridian $253,158, NE Meridian $263,253, and in NW Meridian $289,242. So, although NE Meridian had the highest new construction sales, the lowest median proved to be SE Meridian where 13 homes closed. NE Meridian had the highest number of new construction homes sales and the second lowest median in the Meridian area at $263,253.

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