Ridge to Rivers News: Officials Remind Users That Rain Makes the Trails Vulnerable

Posted by Jace Stolfo on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 at 8:10am.

No doubt, if you own Boise, Idaho real estate, one of your favorite things to do in Boise is hiking and biking the trails of the Ridge to Rivers system throughout the city.

No doubt as well, many of your neighbors will be out enjoying the trails, and who can blame you? Really, there's nothing like grabbing a cup of coffee at Java in Hyde Park before you head to Camel's back or stopping by the Boise Co-Op for some lunch after a morning hike.

Things to do in Boise: Hiking, Biking and Mud Walking?

However, the enthusiasm that Boiseans have for the Ridge to Rivers Trails can take its toll, according to the Fresno Bee  -- especially now that Daylight Savings time 2014 has come and gone. The trails of the Ridge to Rivers system in the City of Trees becomes vulnerable to wear and tear as more people use the trails after the spring rains fall, leaving the trails wet and muddy. And with more wet weather expected, the trails are sure to stay muddy for quite a long time.

Part of the problem lies in the zaniness of the weather this time of year. In the mornings, the City of Trees can still hit freezing temperatures. By the afternoon, the warmth has returned. Along with the warmth comes the water left behind by melting ice. As well, the appearance of the sun doesn't mean the trails have completely dried from last night's rain or this morning's thaw.

Maintaining these 150 miles of trails is a big job. Many only accommodate single walkers. However, when the trails get wet people walk off the trail to avoid the mud. Therein lies at least one of the causes of damage the trials.

While it would be easy enough to suggest closing the trails to avoid the damage, that just isn't an option. If you own a piece of Boise, Idaho real estate that sits near one of these paths, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Trails dissect properties both public and private, so closing the trails would be difficult to say the least.

The Most Vulnerable Trails in Ridge to Rivers

The Bee cites these five trails as the most vulnerable to wear and tear. If your piece of Boise, Idaho real estate is near here, it may be a better bet to partake one of the other great things to do in Boise like walk the Greenbelt.

Here's the List:

  1. Table Rock Trail (No. 15).
  2. Old Pen Trail (No. 15A)
  3. Cottonwood Creek Trail (No. 27)
  4. Ridgecrest/Bucktail (Nos. 20/20A) 
  5. Polecat Loop (No. 81)

For your convenience, here's the Ridge to Rivers map.

Here are Some Quick Etiquette Tips for Using the Ridge to Rivers Trails:

  • All people using the trails should avoid making their own trails.
  • Bikes yield to walkers/ hikers & others.
  • Avoid riding off trail when passing others. It destroys vegetation and widens the track, which causes damage.
  • Walkers/ hikers/ runners should go single file.
  • For more trail etiquette on the Ridge to Rivers trails, watch this video or go to the Ridge to Rivers website for guidelines for individual users. (This includes tips for horseback riders.)
  • Watch this video for more Ridge to Rivers etiquette ideas:

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