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The Boise Idaho real estate sales market had 349 closings in June '11.  The is up 8% from May and about even with the same time a year ago.  The median home price increased for the 4th consecutive month to $139,700 but is down 7.5% from the same month a year ago ($151,000).  Below you can see the Boise Idaho real estate sales by month for 2011.

Boise Idaho Real Estate Sales

The number of homes selling in Boise Idaho in 2011 has been about even with last year.  Although, I anticipate the next few months to to surpass 2010 levels.   As you can see in the graph below, 2010 sales dropped substantially in July as the tax credit ended.  2011 has not had that type of external factor propping up sales, so real estate activity will likely remain strong in July and then begin to taper

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The Boise Idaho real estate market was up again in January over the previous year by 28%.  There were 193 home sales compared to 138 the same time last year.  Because real estate activity is cyclical, it’s helpful to compare to sales of similar months to previous years.  The graph below shows the January home sales in Boise since ’02.

Boise Idaho Real Estate ~ January Sales

Fifty-two percent of the home sales were foreclosure properties.  This is up 3% from a year ago.  The majority of the Boise Idaho foreclosures selling are located on the Boise Bench (15%+/-), SW Boise (22%+/-), and far West Boise (21%+/-).

Since about September, there have been a larger number of lower price range foreclosures in the Boise Idaho real estate market.  Many of these properties have been quickly

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The Boise Idaho real estate market in August remained about level with July with 232 sales.  The majority of the sales were existing homes with 214 closings verses just 18 for new construction.  Harris Ranch, Hidden Springs, Rivendell Estates, and Sonta Hills had the most new home activity. Boise Idaho Real Estate Monthly Sales The median home price in the Boise Idaho Real Estate market rose for the 5th consecutive month to $158,950.  Please note that media uses this metric when it goes down to say that market depreciated "x" percentage but rarely mentions it when it goes up.  As I've mentioned, the median home price is most often a reflection of the pressure on values but does not equal depreciation or appreciation. Boise Median Home Price Aug '10 Overall, 49.6% of the Boise Idaho real estate sales were either Boise short
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Boise Idaho real estate sales dipped slightly from October but were up 48% compared to a year ago.   There were 293 home sales in November '09 compared to 152 of November of '08.  Much of this increase can be attributed to the first-time home buyer tax credit (72% of sales were below $200,000).  The graph below shows the total home sales by month for the Boise real estate market.

Total Sales in Boise Real Estate Market

Home prices in the Boise Idaho real estate began to level off over the summer but over the last 3 months are reflecting a downward pressure.  Please be aware, when you hear in the news, home prices fell "x" percentage they are using the median sold price to come up with those numbers.  However, those are not accurate statements.  If it were, as you can see in the following

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[UPDATE: TAX CREDIT EXTENDED] Time is nearing an end to take advantage of the first-time home buyer tax credit scheduled to expire December 1, 2009.  If you intend to take advantage of this opportunity and you're looking for a great buy, don't wait too long.

Many of the best deals out there such as the bank-owned homes are getting multiple offers.  It can take several (or more) offers on different properties before you end up with the winning offer.  This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to even a few months if you have you're very particular on what you're looking.

After your offer is accepted, you'll need about 30 days to close.  During that time you'll get your home inspection, appraisal, and final loan approval.  You'll want to have

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The Boise Idaho real estate market had another strong month in July with 309 homes sales.  This is about twice the number of homes that were selling 6 months ago and slightly more than a year ago.  Boise short sales and Boise bank-owned homeshad the 4th consecutive month of decreasing market share (25.6% verses 38.5% in April).  The number of Boise Idaho foreclosure sales has stayed about the same but there's been a large increase in "non-distressed" sales.

Below is a breakdown for the Boise Idaho real estate market by Boise MLS area.  The largest increase was in West Boise were home sales surged from 11 last month to 27 in July.

Boise Idaho Real Estate May-09 Jun-09 Jul-09
North Boise - 0100 29 34 30
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The Boise Idaho real estate market had a 30% surge in home sales compared to February.  Almost all the increase in sales were due to sales in SW & West Boise areas (46% +/- were foreclosure sales). The chart below shows the Boise Idaho real estate sales by area. 

Boise Idaho Real Estate Feb-09 Mar-09 % Change
North Boise - 0100 17 14 -18%
NE Boise - 0200 5 8 60%
SE Boise - 0300 19 20 5%
Boise Bench - 0400 18 23 28%
South Boise - 0500 11 6 -45%
SW Boise-Meridian - 0550 29 50 72%
West Boise - 0600 10 19 90%
W Boise-Garden City - 0650 26 35 35%
Garden City - 0700 1 2 100%
NW Boise - 0800
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The Boise Idaho real estate market had 175  home sales during January 2009.  The average home price was just under $202,000 and the median was $179,450.  Most of the Boise real estate activity was in SE Boise, West Boise, and SW Boise.  The lowest day's on market* was found in South Boise.

Boise Idaho short sales made up about 8.5% of the real estate sales.  Boise bank foreclosures (REO's) made up about 15.5%.

Boise Idaho Real Estate Jan-09
Total Boise Real Estate Sales 175
Boise Real Estate Sold Volume Average Median DOM
North Boise - 0100 11 $2,471,500 $224,682 $187,500 84
NE Boise - 0200 1 $395,000 $395,000 $395,000 224
SE Boise - 0300
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The Boise Idaho real estate market had 30% less sales in November compared to a year ago (Boise MLS).  In November 2008, there were 152 home sales compared to 216 in November 2007.  Last month, there were 240 home sales.

The average sold price for Boise Idaho was $245,068, off just 3% compared to a year ago.  The median home price was $189,250.

Here are the Boise Idaho real estate stats for November 2008:

Boise Idaho Real Estate Nov-08 Nov-07 % Change
Total Boise Idaho Homes Sold 152 216 -29.63%
Boise Average List Price  $   256,040  $   266,655 -3.98%
Boise Average Sold Price  $   245,068  $   255,006 -3.90%
Boise Median
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