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Eagle ID real estate sales in 2012 have gone up compared to 2011.  For example, this past December there were 37 home sales.  In December 2011, there were just 26, a difference of about 30%.  The chart below shows sales for real estate in Eagle Idaho over the past two years.  With a few exceptions, each month in 2012 outperformed sales from the same month in 2011.

Eagle ID Real Estate Sales 2011 vs. 2012

Another change in the Eagle ID real estate market has been the amount of new home sales.  The past six months have been particularly strong, especially October which had 21 new home sales.  That's an 86% climb from October 2011 when there were just 3 new homes sold.  Similarly, December 2012 saw 11 more new homes sold than December 2011.  Overall there were 113 new homes sold in 2012 and

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Foreclosures have dropped once again in the Eagle Idaho real estate market.  October 2012 posted the second lowest numbers we've seen all year at 9.6%.  As you can see in the graph below, the numbers for foreclosures in Eagle are varied this year, anywhere from 8.8% to 46.4%.  However, they have consistently stayed under 20% since April and they've steered clear of last year's numbers.  The only month this year where Eagle Idaho real estate saw lower foreclosure numbers than October was July (8.8%).

Eagle Foreclosure Rate 2011 vs. 2012

Short sales are the predominant type of foreclosure sale in Eagle.  So far this year, there have been 50 short sales in Eagle ID compared to 23 bank-owned homes.  Banbury Meadows and Brookwood subdivisions have had the highest number of short sales thus

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The Eagle Idaho real estate market had 26 homes sales in August.  This is down from August of '09 (33 sales) but up from '08 (18 sales).  Below you can see the monthly sales in Eagle Idaho for 2010.

Eagle Real Estate Sales

Forty six percent of the Eagle Idaho real estate sales were foreclosure properties. This is a larger market share than last month but lower than the rest of the year.  Eleven of the foreclosure sales were Eagle bank-owned homes & 1 was an Eagle ID short sale.

Here's the basis specs on those Eagle real estate sales*.  Among other things, you can see what they were asking, the sold price, and the percentage of list it sold for.  You'll notice that the homes with a larger discount were the non-foreclosure sales (not short sales "SS" or "REO").

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There were 46 home sales in the Eagle Idaho real estate market last month. This is up 46% compared to the same time last year.  Below you can see how the first four months of this year have compared to the previous two years.

Fifty four percent of the Eagle Idaho real estate sales were Eagle short sales or Eagle bank-owned property.  Below you can see the market share of foreclosure over the last 13 months.  As you can see, the percentage has generally fluctuated between about 35% and 60% with a high of 76% in January. The 13 month average was 51.6%.

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Over the last 4 months, the Eagle Idaho real estate market has had a consistent number of sales of about 40 per month.  Compared to a year ago, home sales were up about 74% in August (23 sales in 8/08).  The graph below shows the Eagle Idaho real estate sales over the last 5 months.

Eagle Idaho Real Estate Sales

As you can see below, the Eagle Idaho real estate foreclosure market has had more fluctuation.  In August, about 53% of the homes sold were foreclosures verses 36% in June.

Eagle Idaho Foreclosures

During August, there were 11 sold eagle short sales and 10 sold Eagle bank-owned homes. The graph below shows the break down of non-foreclosure, Eagle short sales, and Eagle bank-owned real estate over the last 5 months.

Eagle Idaho Home Sales - August

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Data Source: Boise MLS.

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Below is a chart showing the number of single family homes being offered as a possible short sale throughout Ada & Canyon County.  Homes that are contingent or sale pending are not included in these numbers.

Star ID has the largest percentage of short sale homes for sale at 21.1%.  Boise ID has the least amount of short sales at 9.3%.

Date: 10.31.08 Homes for Sale Short Sales % Short Sales
Boise Short Sales 2167 201 9.3%
Eagle Short Sales 378 53 14.0%
Meridian Short Sales 1189 145 12.2%
Kuna Short Sales 251 32 12.7%
Star Short Sales 194 41 21.1%
Nampa Short Sales 1240 176 14.2%
Caldwell Short Sales 708 95 13.4%
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