The Characteristics of Generation X Determine What They Want in a Home, Retirement Investments

Posted by Jace Stolfo on Monday, March 3rd, 2014 at 3:13pm.

Recently, I had occasion to think about the characteristics of Generation X when I was reading an article in Investment News about how this generation deals with its money.

Here in the City of Trees, Gen X felt the effects of the devastation of the 2008 housing market. After all, the Boise, Idaho real estate market was hit like everywhere else.

Turns out that the characteristics of Generation X that determine their investment styles also affect the kind of home they buy and what they do in terms of home repairs because of these personality traits.

Sometimes this is a good thing. Sometimes not so much, especially when it comes to investing, but Generation X came by these characteristics honestly.

Generally, speaking, Generation Xers:

  • Are independent
  • Do their own home repairs on their Boise, Idaho homes
  • Are risk-adverse after seeing their Boomer parents lose position in companies for which they worked for years.

And Gen X also suffered their own blows because of the downward spiral of the housing market. Many took out around 14% from their retirement accounts to make ends meet during the worst of the Great Recession.

While many of people of this generation (and others) have started in invest in the Boise, Idaho real estate market again, they still could use some help in terms of other areas of investing. However, maybe because one of the characteristics of Generation X is that they are independent and risk adverse, they don't tend to get the advice they need.

But as with any major purchase, getting good guidance can be the key to coming out on top, and Gen X is on the financial upswing again. They can benefit from what looks like the best years of their lives in terms of earnings and sound financial advice can help with that. A good advisors can help these do-it-yourselfers to feel more comfortable in the investing world.

Generation X Fun Facts

Speaking of investing, here are some interesting statistics about Gen X and their dream homes.

When Gen Xers look for homes for sale (and hopefully, it's in the Boise real estate market), they look for:

  • A place where they can be organized
  • Where they can maintain their family center
  • They want a casual home, where formality doesn't rule the day
  • They also love design and style
  • They have a very good idea about what they want in a home and won't settle for anything, but what they want

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